Social Media Research

In this edition of our social media research we evaluate how the financial services sector are using social media.

The financial services sector has arguably been most affected by economic shifts, rapid change, and societal discontent. It also has to balance regulatory compliance with employee freedom.

The use of social media has most often been associated with consumer-facing brands. In light of this, financial services is something of a mixed bag. While the industry encompasses major banks and pension providers who are household names with millions of retail customers, it also includes companies who don’t have any retail consumers.

However, social media is not just about consumer facing communications. The key to a successful strategy is developing content to engage with a company’s other important stakeholder groups, be they employeestalent and investors. While social media is firmly in the mainstream with most of the companies we reviewed, there is an opportunity to improve.




Our assessment is based on 106 data point, split into 3 categories:

Digital ecosystem: How companies use and promote different channels

Content strategy: What type of content companies are promoting, and how often

Corporate themes: How companies specifically promote content for investors, sustainability and career audiences

By taking a more strategic viewpoint of when, where, type of content and how it is being positioned, companies have an opportunity to stand out from the clutter to connect with not only their customers, but wider stakeholders.


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