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Embedding values through communications

Corporate culture is a major focus area for companies and their stakeholders

The value destruction caused by recent corporate scandals is a stark reminder that the environment in which individuals, teams or business leaders evolve can have a dramatic impact on a company. It also reminds us that a company's external reputation is only as strong as its internal culture. Trust only emerges when what goes on in the inside reflects the needs and expectations of the company's external stakeholders: customers, supply chain, communities and others.

Corporate culture is not just a communications issue. It should ultimately be considered as a core business issue affecting everything the company does. However communications professionals have a critical role to play: from understanding an organisation's existing culture, its strengths and its weaknesses, to articulating what the desired culture and behaviours should be, and embedding them into everything the organisation does.

This practical guide was created to help communications specialists turn theory into practice what you will find:

1 - How to: Define Values - Engage employees in the values definition process

Only 13% of employees worldwide declare themselves as “engaged” at work.

2 - How to: Articulate Values  -Use everyday language

Only 60% of European communications professionals currently think that values are well understood by employees in their organisation.

3 - How to: Set the Tone at the Top - Encourage your CEO to visibly commit to values in front of stakeholders

97% of executives identify the CEO as the chief custodian of culture.

4 - How to: Communicate Values to Employees - Enable peers to share values storie

When forming an opinion about a person or an organisation, ‘a person like myself’ is the most trusted.

5 - How to: Embed Values into Processes - Listen continuously

75% of employees would stay longer at an organisation that addresses their concerns.

6 - How to: Measure Culture - Look beyond the numbers

Only 48% of European communicators declare that they have the right KPIs in place to ensure employee behaviours are consistent with corporate values.



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