Ei Group

Communicating your businesses better

Through digital channels

The Challenge

Ei Group is the leading pub business in the UK with a portfolio of around 5,000 pubs and commercial properties.​​

It is transforming its business from solely leased and tenanted into a more diversified group with 5 different business units. This is a massive transformation of its business to meet the future challenges.

Against this backdrop of transforming its business Ei Group wanted to update its web presence for both the plc website and the two other websites of the group – Bermondsey pub company and Craft Union pubs.

The intent was to better communicate the business and its 5 business units, to modernise its corporate web presence with a more distinctive design and clearer messaging.

The Approach

Understanding the different audiences and their needs for each of the sites was key. The plc site needed to address the investor audiences and prospectvie Head Office Employees, while the Craft Union site would need to attract self-employed publicans, and the Bermondsey site pub managers.

Creatively we developed a new digital identity for the plc website, with a more visual, distinctive design, whereas the Craft Union and Bermondsey sites really retained and lived the character of their existing brands which are already highly distinctive.

All the sites are full responsive to give a quality experience whatever the device, and the user experience was enhanced through improved navigation and cross linking of content.

We also integrated useful tools for the different audiences, so IR tools in the plc site, and job boards for prospective employees.

All three sites are also fully content manageable so they can be kept up to date. 

Ei Group plc

This website now has a very distinctive creative identity, with engaging imagery and simple clear messaging.

It also better communicates the business and the five business units, the people and publicans that make the business special.


This website delivers the full brand expression, and communicates through rich imagery what makes this brand unique. As it is designed to attract pub managers, the opportunities are brought centre stage, along with a useful feature to find a pub.

Craft Union

Craft Union is aimed at attracting self-employed pub managers who wish to be at the heart of their communities. This website has been kept very simple, to tell the story, to present opportunities and contact details for prospective publicans.

The Outcome

Ei Group has now transformed their digital presence, both at a corporate level and for two of its key business units.

All sites are full responsive and fully content managed so they can always be kept up-to-date.