A new identity, from the ground up

The Challenge

Ferguson were implementing a name change, and therefore needed to develop a brand new digital presence, and to communicate the new name, revised strategy and its unique differentiators to a variety of key stakeholders. Once the name change was implemented, it was important to sustain the messages and continue reinforcing the corporate story.


The new communications plan also gave us the opportunity to restructure and redesign the website but also to use other channels such as film to get the messages across.

Our Approach

We worked with Ferguson to create an integrated communications programme. This included developing a new corporate website under the new brand identity and a new corporate narrative, plus a series of films to reinforce the key messages. These films addressed the overall corporate story, the investment case for the investor audiences, and the people story to evidence one of Ferguson's unique differentiators. 

Our Solution

Our solution consisted of a number of key elements. A new visual identity for their digital presence; redefining and articulating their key corporate narratives, with a focus on presenting the new business strategy the investment case and performance.

Through a highly structured series of films we brought these narratives to life. The messaging for the investment case was delivered by the CEO and CFO, with each talking to their area of specialism. Visually we enhanced these stories by animating key statistics on screen and inserting supporting footage of the operations captured recently on location.

The Outcome

The result was a new award-winning website, under a new brand identity and an enhanced corporate narrative, plus three separate films which allowed the Ferguson leadership team to highlight messages in an efficient, engaging and personal tone uplifting the quality of engagement with investors and employees.