Building pride, sharing excellence

The Background and Challenge

Stolt-Nielsen needed to give a fresh perspective to the annual reward and recognition programme in its Tankers division. 'Ship of The Year' recognises best-in-class health & safety, efficiency and customer service. The company had a triple objective in mind: building its employer brand by communicating an inside view of life on a Tanker, shaping a culture of excellence by celebrating and sharing best practice, and evidencing the level of care put into the shipping of products to customers.



Our Approach

We created a documentary series to deliver an authentic behind-the-scenes view of life on board the winning ship, covering the most important aspects of culture, customer service and health & safety. After creating scenarios for 3 episodes, we sent our film crew on board for 3 days and 2 nights to capture essential moments in the life of the ship. 


Our Solution

The Glory Days series was designed as a campaignable film series, which included a trailer, and three episodes: Leadership, Guardianship, and Comradeship. The campaign was released on internal and external channels - intranet, Linkedin, and corporate website, allowing it to reach its three target audiences. 

The Outcome

Over the course of the campaign, Stolt-Nielsen gained 1000 followers on LinkedIn. It also saw the social traffic to its website and level of engagement on its social channels rise significantly.