Vesuvius Excellence

Enabling business transformation

Through impactful employee communications

The Challenge

Vesuvius (FTSE250) is a global leader in metal flow engineering, providing a full range of engineering services and solutions, operating in 38 countries. Vesuvius needed to create a drive towards continuous improvement through simpler, more 
standardised processes that could be implemented across the group. 

The core idea of the programme was 'Excellence', which was rolled out as the company's new value.

The Approach

We worked with the Chief Executive, the President of Operations and the Head of Group Communications to shape a communications programme that would build engagement 

amongst country managers and employees, by sending a clear, compelling message about what Excellence means, and by providing the tools to share standards of practice across the group.

Our Solution

We created a suite of communications solutions to promote and embed the Excellence programme in the company. A feature 5-min film showed leaders across the business explaining the different facets of Excellence, and employees giving concrete examples of how the Excellence mindset can be applied to different jobs. An Excellence platform provides teams across the world with a space to source key documents, share success stories and best practices to apply Excellence in different domains. A presentation was created to help the Chief Executive launch the programme with its top 200 business leaders.

The Outcome

The Excellence programme was formally launched in May 2017, and we continue to work with Vesuvius on Excellence. A more advanced version of the internal Excellence platform is currently being developed. It will allow teams across the world to share best practices and tools, and exchange knowledge on different aspects of the programme.