Redefining an investor experience

The Challenge

Barclays has a very complex suite of investors across both equity and debt, and institutional and retail. The website was several years old, and was in need of a complete refresh.

As part of the overall programme by Barclays to redevelop the website, Black Sun was challenged with the task of helping create a best in class investor relations section for the website.

Black Sun have helped us transform the IR section of our website, which is now best in class

Adam Strachan, Director Investor Relations, Barclays

Our Approach

Our approach was to ensure that right from the start we understood the different investor audiences, which was all the more important in the case of Barclays given the wide diversity of their audiences. We really wanted to ensure we understood their key priorities and the content they are looking for. We achieved this through internal workshops and looking at the website analytics.

Drawing on our expertise in investor relations, and best practice in terms of both content and structure we were able to redefine the IR section of the website. We then worked closely with Barclays to ensure that this was integrated within the comprehensive redesigning and redeveloping of their corporate website.

Our Solution

We restructured the investor section to better organise the content, and prioritised the structure based on user flows and audience needs. This had to be integrated with the overall Barclays programme of work for the website, as they were leading the design and the build of the site.

We also worked with them to ensure that best practice content such as an investment case, key financial indicators and summary of risk management were incorporated into the new IR section.

The Outcome

The outcome was an award-winning investor relations website, which delivered a step change in the quality of the investors' experience of Barclays through digital channels.