De Beers Group

Deepening stakeholder engagement through powerful communications

The Challenge

De Beers is the best known diamond company in the world with a brand respected wherever diamonds are bought or sold. Our challenge was to develop an entirely new creative look and feel for their communications and enhance their effectiveness.

Corporate website

De Beers is the world‘s best known diamond company, and wanted to create a website with a WOW factor that lived the brand and communicated its leadership position.

By telling the stories of the company and the diamond industry, using rich imagery and strong messaging we have created a site that looks nothing like a corporate site.

By understanding the key audiences, we have developed content that meets their needs in a highly engaging way.

Building Forever

We worked with De Beers to develop their sustainability communications under 'Building Forever'.

We created a new, interactive sustainability section of the website, and worked with De Beers to produce their sustainability report.

Country sites

We have worked with the local markets to develop their corporate websites, using the templates and designs from the corporate website, and empowering the users to be able to access a single asset repository, and share web content.

The result is distinctive websites that can be fully content managed by the local market.

Global Sightholder Sales

We transformed their customer website.

  • A new visual identity to align to the corporate website
  • Registration and login feature to access private content

De Beers Auction Sales

We transformed their sales presence.

  • A new creative identity
  • Communicated their leadership position
  • Presented the product range and enabled customers' registration