HR Owen

Delivering an exceptional customer experience

Through tailored communications

The Challenge

H.R. Owen is a retailer of luxury cars. They wanted to deliver an outstanding customer experience across all their touchpoints. Our challenge was to create a lifecycle of customer communications that deepened engagement and loyalty to their brand.


Our Approach

We needed to understand the different marques that were being sold, and the variances between their customer needs and how the brands wished to interact with their customers. We also assessed what was in place to manage the customer relationships so we could understand what needed to be delivered to make the new experience possible.

We interviewed all the key stakeholders and those who interfaced with customers and developed a customer lifecycle 'map' that defined each communications at every stage of customer interaction.

Our Solution

Having identified the desired experience at each stage of the customer lifecycle we then defined the communications required to achieve this, including the target audience, the messaging, key take-outs, channels and measures of success.

We could then design the communications to deliver this. 

The Outcome

H.R.Owen now has a targeted suite of communications that provide relevant and timely information to their customers, and realises their vision of delivering an experience that is second to none.