Inchcape Portal

Creating a passion for products

The Challenge

Inchcape operate across the globe, and launch some of the most exciting products - brand new cars and new models.

They wanted to ensure that every employee involved in selling those cars was up to date with all the latest information and marketing messages.

Our challenge was to create a global portal to achieve this.

Our Approach

We created a 'Product Passion Portal', so called because it gave employees all the latest insights, information and videos to get excited about every new model.

Marketing Managers were empowered to load the latest content, reviews, key facts and videos into the portal and send email alerts to colleagues so they could access this information in a single click.

Our Solution

We standardised the content structures so people would be familiar with the page, and we created versions in all the necessary foreign languages.

Each Marketing Manager could create their own new product pages and drag and drop content.

The whole portal was personalised so employees would only see the content that related to their personal role.

The Outcome

The Passion Portal has forever changed the way Inchcape shares information internally and creates enthusiasm around the launch of new products.